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JYN Student Exchange

JYN Student Exchange


“Where Education, Volunteerism and Fun go Hand in Hand”

JYN's "Student Exchange Program” partners High School teens & Elementary School children in a positive Jewish environment where everybody gains!

ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: Children in Elementary School (Grades 5-7)

Children will be in a safe, Jewish and stimulating environment with older responsible teens of our community, who will be on hand to help them with their homework, prepare for exams etc… They will also enjoy unique Jewish crafts, sports, and outings supported and directed by their teen mentors.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Teens in High School (Grades 11-12)

Teens will have a very special opportunity to do something meaningful for the community. This venue will allow them to develop their Mentoring & Leadership qualities through a special peer mentoring training followed by a year of hands-on experience. They will also be able to fulfill their community service requirements through this extraordinary yearlong program of social and communal activism. Participants will develop a real sense of responsibility and to learn to be a more giving and caring individual..


JYN Student Exchange, Peer Mentoring Program will begin in September 2017. It will run weekly throughout the school year.

Each week will be divided into two segments.

  • Segment One: Teens will assist elementary students with homework, in various academic subjects.
  • Segment Two: Teens will direct activities, crafts and sports for the children.

Teens & children will be paired up based on social compatibility, subject matter and activity preference. The teens and children will be treated to joint as well as individual outings and trips.

Registrations forms will be posted here shortly. To be notified when registration opens please contact us