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About TFC
TFC is a student directed community service initiative. At TFC teenagers create, plan and execute volunteer projects of their own. The goal of TFC is to empower teenagers and foster creativity, leadership, and positive action. TFC participants receive high school community service hours, relevant university and work experience, and a sense of social responsibility.
What do we do?
Teens participate in weekly meetings where they plan organize and realize community service projects. Past events have included: fundraisers and benefit tournaments, events to assist the Jewish community at large, bring joy to the Elderly, Big Brother / Sister events for under-privileged children, chesed for needy families in the community, events to benefit the residents of Israel and the IDF, and more.
TFC provides students with a number of benefits in addition to the positive contributions they make in the community. Benefits include:
  • Community service hours
  • University/Employment references/ letters of recommendation
  • Experience in non-profit organizations, event planning, committee organization, public outreach, journalism, marketing, and more
TFC is a fun and casual environment, comprised of students and youth advisors. TFC is aware of busy school schedules and makes necessary accommodations. TFC does require a level of committment from volunteers in order for events to run. TFC participants are expected to be committed in terms of: Attendance -Participation -Professionalism